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Art, Design & Interactive Media – AFA (associate of fine arts)  Checklist HERE

FALL 2013 Syllabus: 3D Syllabus_FA’13REVISED_3D.Schedule

3D Hand-outs & Project Descriptions:

Wk1_Form & Project#1

Wk2. Rectilinear.PlanarConstructions_Project#2

Templates & Video: Cube, Pyramid, Frank Gehry (excerpts from Sketches of..)

Example Master choices for #2 Stabile: Bosch, Titian, Vermeer, Caravaggio, Courbet

Wk3_Line in Wire

Wk3_Project #3 Wild Wired Object

No hand-out Week 4

Wks4&5_Clay_Project#4 Clay Head

*SEE “Resources” in drop-down menu for CINEMA 4D Links!

Wks7&8_Guide to Cinema4D & Project#5_C4D-A virtual scene  AND Wks8-9_MoreTIPS!C4D

Maxon Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Tutorials by Hal Rummel, Chair of CCBC’s Institute of Art, Design, and Interactive Media

Wks8-10_Assemblages & Found Object Art_Project#6 Assemblage



Wks12on_Final 3D Project


3D Powerpoints: 

Week1A_Experiencing 3D

Week3_Line in Wire

Week4_Clay Heads! Artist as Self & the Subject



Wks12on_Final 3D Project