Reliable websites for ARTIST RESEARCH JOURNAL:

Web Gallery of Art (scroll down to & click “list of artists” where you can look up anyone by last name A-Z)

ARTstor (ccbc’s online database—->Library/Articles&ReasearchDatabase/Humanities:Art,Literature,Music/ARTstorDigital Library)

Lastly, you can find good quality, labelled artworks by searching & viewing online collections of art owned by museums, such as Milwaukee Museum of Art & Design, MOMA, TATE Modern Museum of Art


ESSEX: Essex ADMN 206 SP15 Essex ADMN 218 SP15 Essex AHUM 141 SP15 Essex AHUM 143 SP15 Essex AHUM 144 SP15

CATONSVILLE: Cat ARTS 113B SP15 Cat ARTS 113D SP15 Cat ARTS 130 SP15 Cat ARTS 133 SP15 Cat HTEC 101C SP15


PBS, Art 21 Series:

Radio Lab video: Symmetry

ADIM Video Tutorials (Photoshop, Illustrator, Art Rage etc…):

ADIM: Art, Design & Interactive Media HOME PAGE (Info. on Majors, Faculty, Galleries, and Art-related activities):